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The Spike
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To Make a Booking:

Please email Josh Goodwin

Facilities at the Spike

We have two main rooms for hire at the Spike Community Centre: the Park Room, which has a hard floor, and the Garden Room, which has a carpeted floor.

Both rooms have large sliding doors that open onto the central corridor, creating a single large space.

For yoga and Pilates, the Park Room can accommodate up to 10 clients on mats plus the teacher while the Garden Room can accommodate 9 clients on mats plus the teacher, 10 at a squeeze.

For birthday parties, if you are planning to use a bouncy castle or have an entertainer you will probably need both rooms, otherwise one should be sufficient unless you have lots of guests.

Hire charges are currently:

         £14 per hour per room on weekdays before 19:00

         £20 per hour per room on weekdays after 19:00, on Saturdays before 19:00 and on Sundays all day

         £28 per hour on Saturdays after 19:00.

The hire charge includes the use of the kitchen for making drinks and snacks, as well as the use of our tables and chairs and our private car park. You need to include time for setting up and clearing away in the hire period.

The rooms are normally available to hire 08:00-23:00; arrangements can be made to extend these times, please enquire.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please email Josh Goodwin at

The Park Room         
Dimensions (in metres): 4.00 W x 9.80 L x 3.00 H

There’s a door that opens directly onto our front terrace, the park at the front of the building and the adjacent children’s playground.

If you’re having just one room for a party, this one tends to be preferred.
It’s popular for exercise classes

The outside door opens out onto a terrace.  Excellent for summer events

The Garden Room
Dimensions (in metres): 4.36 W x 8.20 L x 2.90 H

There’s a door that opens directly onto our small rear garden and it’s next to the kitchen.

With its oak panelling and carpeted floor this room is ideal for meetings, tea parties, and family lunches.

It’s also used for exercise classes

For larger events the folding doors of the Park and Garden Rooms can be opened up to create a much bigger area

The Kitchen 
Fitted out to a commercial standard.
The use of the kitchen for making drinks and snacks is included in the standard hire charge.
More substantial catering for meals and parties will attract an additional charge, please enquire.

We also have two other rooms with restricted availability: the Undercroft, which is suitable for small exercise classes and meetings; and the Office, which is suitable for small meetings. Please enquire for further details.