2008 Luncheon Charlotteville Jubilee Trust
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Waiting for the first course

Miss Brewer and friends

The 13th March 2008 saw an event held jointly with Holy Trinity Amenity Group as a celebration for pretty well anything you could mention including Charlotteville being Guildford's oldest suburb, our residents having a community centre again after 40 years and of course a great opportunity for a fact finding chinwag.

Doris Bookham and Beat Wittebolle

 catch up on times past.

served by our charming student visitors from China

(sorry not you Jean)

After a main course choice of Chicken and mushroom or Shepherd's pie, it was time for pudding

A very special luncheon held for many of the long standing Charlotteville residents.  Some who had moved away returned to visit old friends and talk about times gone by.  How the area used to be, who owned what shop and who ran the pub.

A delightful time was had by all and it was so nice to meet Doris Bookham at long last.  She moved into the Pig and Tater (now the Foresters) at the age of four when her father took it on, it was an honour to talk with her 87 years later!

Holy Trinity Amenity Group blew the dust off the collection of Charlotteville photographs that were first displayed to celebrate the Millennium and again used here to help jog memories

The Chinese students enjoy a meal break in the Garden Room

There was a choice of roughly eight different puddings to cater for all tastes

And at the end of the day all hands to the sink for a major washing up session.

And just when everyone thought that was that,

the cheese board arrived!