2011 Spooky Charlotteville Jubilee Trust
The Spike Charlotteville Get Involved About Us

Who would have thought that Spooky Spike could be Scary without Zoe?!

But while she was away earning a crust the event team took on the challenge and really made the evening special 

Even the pumpkin was nervous ......

but who was guarding the gate ........

it was bleeding Paul!

You know the spiders are BIG ......

when they do this to your waiting room!

Chas in the bathroom was just the start to ....

a building .....

full of .....

scary 'people'

This lot seem unphased

Do Primark do Halloween outfits now?

Still smiling - foolish or brave?

This is no time to tidy up

Paula's first Spooky

You're not meant to smile Paula

That wretched spider again!

Time to relax while ...

Miss Tick marks the quiz sheets

What's a fairy doing here?!

A big thank you to Dave and the Event Committee volunteers and to the 50+ children (and adults) who came to 'enjoy' the evening.