2013 Pancakes Charlotteville Jubilee Trust
The Spike Charlotteville Get Involved About Us

PG first at the Pancake Tent again

Daffs. early this year

Police Presence ......

.... are those Doc Martins?

Eggbert keeping warm - nice scarf!

A Welsh pop group or
the Guildford Cathedral Gala Flower Show Team?

Sandfield School line up in perfect order

Holy Trinity School wait their turn

Anne Milton helps with pancakes once again

While the Mayor of Godalming waits for the 'big race'

Trainers and a overcoat - cool dude!

Pretty good acceleration as well

Wow - how fast?

Need to catch up with the rest

Seriously competitive

Don't see many of them around Guildford

The County Club Cup was donated last year by the County Club and is awarded to the winning council team.

Well Godalming are celebrating!  A year of training after the humiliating defeat by Guildford at last year's event finally paid off.

Pictured at the Club with the winning team is Mayor of Godalming Tony Gordon-Smith


Hey! Those mascots aren't wearing a tie and jacket!

The CJT Prize Giving Team

Is this the first time a gun has been brandished in the County Club's 100+ year history?
Race starter Tony Childs relaxes, mind the ceiling!


Just wait 'til next year

As always none of this would have been possible without our sponsors to whom we owe a great gratitude:

and also the many other Guildford businesses that donated prizes and helped on the